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Brand USA

Account Director

Program Strategist

In 2010, President Obama signed the Travel Promotion Act, creating what would soon be known as Brand USA. Little did I know at the time what an impactful event this would become in my own life.

In August 2011, I started working at Miles Partnership, the leading marketing consultancy for the tourism industry. I was unaware of what President Obama had signed the year before or the impact it was already starting to have as Brand USA was staffing up and creating its initial marketing plans. One of its first acts of business was to release an RFP for co-op programs that would encourage state, city and regional DMOs (destination marketing organizations) to partner with Brand USA on international marketing ventures. Miles' proposals for an SEO and video program were selected.

In April 2012, I transitioned to working with one of the company's SVPs to build the video program for Brand USA. This quickly led to working hand-in-hand with him to develop all facets of our business with Brand USA - from team to sales to new programs. At the time, it was he and I. We quickly built a partner engagement (sales) team and added team members focused on content and creative. We also relied on freelancers to scale and keep an exponentially rising level of projects moving.


Long story short and lots of details later, within two years, we had built a 20+ person team servicing over half-a-dozen programs leading to over $11 million in revenue for the company (see video for full recap). 

By April 2016 - when I transitioned to lead the relaunch of Miles' video department - the Brand USA team was over 30 people strong with over $20 million in revenue for Miles. We had become a true partner for Brand USA, and had developed programs that were able to be adapted for other Miles clients with great success.

To learn more about Brand USA, check out​!

This quickly led to working hand-in-hand... to develop all facets of our business with Brand USA - from team to sales to new programs 

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