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Brianne Maciejowski is

Meet Brianne.

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I am a 20+ year professional with nearly equal parts experience in film/tv production and marketing strategy. As a person with the skill to see challenges and solutions from multiple angles, my strengths lie in guiding the big picture to the critical details of a project and getting ahead of possible problems. My strengths also lie in assessing, strategizing and executing in the unknown.

My last 10+ years of experience have seen me build new teams and revenue streams into the multi-millions. With my multi-faceted skill set, I am that puzzle piece that pulls everything together from start to finish to create the awesome project you have been dreaming of.

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Marketing Strategy

With my BSBA degree in marketing; my career has centered around strategizing programs, business development, creative, media and more. From being on the forefront of digital media planning in Denver, CO, to local marketing needs in Sarasota, FL and NYC, to working at the top tourism-centric consultancy in the country - my marketing experience is vast and encompassing.


Film & TV Producing

My film/tv/video experience crosses the creative and business spectrums of the industry - starting in NYC working in the art department of films and commercials, a stint writing and pitching in LA, and then to building and managing a video team and studio in Florida, including developing and producing videos, commercials and tv shows.



I've been to 44 states, 2 U.S. territories and about 25 countries across 5 continents. I believe travel opens our minds and feeds our souls. After all, as Helen Keller said, life is a daring adventure or nothing at all."

Brianne By The Numbers

18 Years

Production experience across Film, TV and Digital/Social Video

15 Years

Experience focused on creative strategy and business development

116 Awards Won

Across video and marketing work over the last 10 years

1 Awesome Wrap Gift

From Robin Williams

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