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Bang + Olufsen & Bronco Sport

Executive Producer

Social Media Strategist

A few years prior to this project, I saw my millionth beer ad with a beautiful beach and wondered, why aren't these ads co-branded and the destinations labeled? After all, these beautiful beaches are helping sell beer, why not themselves?

In the fall of 2021, we were sourcing brand sponsorships for our series Venturing Out: Park2Park and were connected to the amazing team at Harman regarding Bang + Olufsen. They were the official sound system of the newly released Ford Bronco Sport, which was already our official vehicle for the show. As part of our discussions, the B+O team asked if we'd create hero product videos promoting the FBS partnership for them. Our director and I immediately jumped at the opportunity, and began strategizing more of a brand anthem vs. traditional product videos. The B+O team loved the strategy and we were approved! 

But then a wrinkle that led to the opportunity I'd been waiting for. When the location for the remaining episodes had to blackout, we needed a new shoot location for their brand anthem. And we had the perfect destination not just for a beautiful shoot, but also brand and target audience alignment.  Chattanooga, TN


Now came answering the question why and building a partnership that worked for all three  brands - Harman's B+O team, Ford Bronco Sport and Chattanooga Tourism. The amazing mix of urban and accessible outdoors in Chattanooga was perfect for FBS. And bringing in local Chattanoogan musician Swayyvo was the icing on the cake for B+O and CTO. To further build the partnership, we added a targeted social media campaign and CTO added their own PR efforts to the already in place distribution plan with Harman & Ford.

In the end, Harman's investment stayed consistent with their original budget yet now included higher-value video deliverables and a social campaign due to CTO's investment. And CTO's investment was nominal and included being integrated into two national brands' marketing. After two months of promotional efforts, all stakeholders saw this as a win. The results included:

  • 2.1M impressions

  • 230.3K video views

  • $0.01 social media CPM 

now came answering the question why and building a partnership that worked for all three brands

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