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Marketing Strategy 
& Management



Whether inspired by my mom or Amanda Woodward, I was drawn to advertising and marketing at a formidable age. But when it came time to choose a major for the University of Florida (go Gators!), I thought marketing and a business degree would open more doors and allow for more exploration throughout my career.  And it has! I’ve been on the forefront of marketing trends since the beginning of my career through today… with no signs of moving away from the cutting edge anytime soon.

My strengths have evolved to center around business development intertwined with creative strategy. Whether a blessing or a curse, I’ve always been able to see multiple viewpoints of a situation. Professionally, this has allowed me to see the business side of a range of creative endeavors - and be able 

to understand and manage the creative and production processes. Collaboration with key people focused in development, media, production, creative, etc. have led to amazing results and success.








For over a decade, my marketing experience was rooted in the tourism industry. Most of that time was concentrated around visual storytelling leveraging video and photography, while also focused on how else to extend a project’s impact through a variety of promotion and distribution channels. I’ve built teams from the ground up and developed revenue streams into the millions.

I've been on the forefront of marketing trends since the beginning of my career through today... with no signs of moving away from the cutting edge anytime soon.

Marketing is big, general, all-encompassing word. I've found most people are good at the execution... creating something great and putting it out there. But something great isn't always great in the target market's eyes. Good marketing needs to start with good strategy and development. This is what I can bring to your project.

Business Strategy & Development (new and existing business)

Creative Development & Management

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Proposal Development
& Writing

Budget Development & Management

My Favorite Projects

Marketing strategy has been part of nearly my whole career in one way or another. Here are just a couple of examples...


B+O with Bronco Sport

A few years prior to this project, I saw my millionth beer ad with a beautiful beach and wondered, why aren't these ads co-branded and the destinations labeled? After all, these beautiful beaches are helping sell beer...


Experience Central Avenue

In early 2018, one of my favorite clients - Visit St. Pete/Clearwater - came to us with a need: get visitors to step off the sand! Their desire was to create a visually immersive digital experience for potential visitors to explore the Central...


Brand USA

In 2010, President Obama signed the Travel Promotion Act, creating what would soon be known as Brand USA. Little did I know at the time what an impactful event this would become in my own life.


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